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"Your Lifestyle: The Hollands at Home on ACK"

House & Garden, May 1978.

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The history of Nantucket House Antiques

& interior Design Studios

1973 — Vintage Nantucket

In 1973, department store executive Hudson “Huddy” Holland and his designer wife, Sandi opened a small antique shop on the first floor of 8 Fair Street in what was then the remote, un-trendy island of Nantucket. In 1978, they made a wholesale move from suburban Michigan to Nantucket with their two young boys. Nantucket House Antiques and Interior Design soon set up shop at 2 South Beach Street, where it still resides and established itself as the first design firm of its kind on Nantucket.

When asked what Nantucket was like in 1973, Sandi will laugh, "Everyone back in Grosse Pointe thought we were nuts! There was one slow ferry and one restaurant. It was an adventurous thing for a young family to do but we were drawn to Nantucket’s simple, artistic, family-oriented nature.”

Nantucket’s artist colony roots were still very evident in the 70’s. While the island has since developed into a bustling summer resort, that sense of authenticity is still intact and a handful of adventurous souls make up the colorful year-round community.

2012 — Taking the reins

In 2012 the Holland’s oldest son Tucker and his wife Michelle followed suit, transplanting their young family from Burlington, Vermont to Nantucket to take the reins of the flourishing business. Nantucket House Antiques—part curiosity shop / part timeless antique is the retail anchor and an island institution. The interior design studio sits within; and one cannot help but notice that it would be impossible to recreate the patina of a shop that has grown alongside a family over five decades.  

Today, many of Michelle’s projects are for the children of Sandi’s long-standing clients. “We work hard to honor both the history of a house and a family in our designs, while creating a modern, functional home. You will not find much blue and white nautical in a Nantucket House design. Sandi never did that look, nor do I. When I envision an interior, I ask myself—will the design allow your eye to look out the window? Where can one kick off their shoes or take a nap? Does this house reflect the character of the owner?”

Michelle, a trained engineer, listens closely to what her clients want. "The perception is that the ‘younger generation’ only wants modern. However, it’s my experience that they request the classic things they grew up with but updated with clean lines, natural materials, color and contemporary art.”

Keeping it in the family —

In 2018, Michelle says the island is still rich with family businesses. Many have stayed or returned to carry on a heritage and to give their own children the experience of year-round Nantucket—simple, artistic and family-oriented. “That’s what keeps the fiber and character around here. Anyone who makes the choice to live full-time thirty miles out to sea is bound to be vested in the community and a little quirky. The challenge for us—at our design studio and on the island—is to stay in touch with Nantucket’s tradition while adding our own. It's a fascinating balance to work with every day.”